Olivier Korber

« Olivier Korber, First Prize of this year’s Concours des Grands Amateurs de Piano of Paris, has got both the technique and the musicality of a professional. We also heard him in recital, the 28th June, in an eclectic program (Roman Sketches of Griffes, Sonate n°28 of Beethoven, extracts from the Lyric Pieces of Grieg et 12 Etudes opus 25 of Chopin) where he demonstrated a very beautiful expressiveness.»

Strapontin au Paradis / Musicologie.org (juillet 2016)

« This year’s International Outstanding Piano Amateurs Competition, which took place in Paris last April, saw a deservedly daring victory go to Olivier Korber. His winning performance of the second set of Chopin Études Op 25 displayed detail and sweep with equal panache. His choice of an all-Chopin programme for the finals marked him out as a player with grand ambitions: this was a bold gesture, a single charge with no respite, and he made every nuance and challenge his own. » 

Jonathon Brown / International Piano (juillet-août 2016)

« I heard at the Concours des grands amateurs de piano an employee of the Société Générale who played the 24 Studies (sic) of Chopin, very well. »

Marisa Bruni-Tedeschi / Classica, Passion Classique (juillet-août 2016)

« In the 12 Etudes op. 25 of Chopin, the pianist shows his magnificent musical qualities. With his sensitive and very inspired play, flexible flow and ample breathing, magnificent dynamic contrasts, attentive pedaling and an increased desire to make the instrument sing, Olivier Korber transforms these Etudes into as many lyrical poems, in a very Chopin-like spirit  where only the density of music matters, all of this served by a proven technique. »

Christian Lorandin / La Lettre du Musicien (avril 2016)

« In addition to the Grand Prize awarded by a jury of professionals, Olivier Korber, won the Press Prize and the Audience Award after his exemplary performance of the Twelve Studies op. 25 of Chopin. »

Altamusica (avril 2016)

With extraordinary sensitivity and a strong connection with the audience, Olivier Korber  doubles as concert pianist and strategist in financial markets. His musical life took a new turn in 2016 when he won first prize, the press and the public award at the 27th  International Competition for Outstanding Piano Amateurs in Paris, where he performed Chopin’s formidable 12 Etudes Op. 25 during the final round.

His first album Double Jeu, produced by the Collection 1001 Notes, will be dedicated to Chopin (Barcarolle, Polonaise-Fantaisie, Etudes opus 25…) and released in 2017.

Thirteen years after his last piano lesson, Olivier now enjoys the much sought after teaching of Rena Shereshevskaya. During his initial training, he received the advice of France Clidat, Vanessa Wagner, and obtained his Piano Prize at the CNR of Paris in the class of Billy Eidi in 2003, when he began his studies of economics and became Laureate of the International Center Nadia and Lili Boulanger. In 2000, he was unanimously awarded the 1st prize in the ‘Steinway Young Talents’ competition.

He can be seen in 2016 with cellist Bruno Philippe, at the festival Les Amateurs Vitrtuoses, the festival 1001 Notes, the Festival of Louviers, the Chopin Festival in Nohant, the Studio 104 of Radio France, the Delacroix Museum, the Athénée Theatre…

Always looking to transmit what drives him, Olivier is also in charge of a finance course in Paris-Dauphine University since 2008.

To go further : olivierkorber.com